Dynatos Defense was started by Stephen and Tori Crews in January of 2015.  This dream was started in 2008 while they were serving at the International House of Prayer.  Stephen has a background in Law Enforcement and Private Contracting.  After serving with men of God in civilian, Law Enforcement, and Military capacities the desire to see warriors after the Lord’s heart began to grow.  He and Tori want to see men and women step into their destiny and pursue the Lord with strength and courage.

Over the years, the desire to see more in God has grown.  Our purpose with Dynatos is multi-level.  We desire to see men encouraged and built up as peaceful warriors and women to be free from the fear and anxiety that binds them.  For the civilians, it means giving them tools to build confidence in themselves to handle situations that could possibly be devastating and to give them the ability to protect themselves and those they love.  As for the professional protector, there is enough in the news today that shows the disdain that many have for our Law Enforcement.  Our goal is to give them the best training we can in hand-to-hand tactics and empower them to handle each situation with confidence and humility.

With Timothy International, our mission is to serve the church by training missionaries and members.  We offer self defense classes for the protection of missionaries, the youth, and adult members.  We also help churches develop safety plans as well as train their safety team to implement these plans.