ALL FOR ONE MISSIONS INTERNATIONAL is an organization that is dedicated to the Great Commission.  They are called to partner with churches for short term missions to reach the lost with the gospel truth of Jesus Christ.  They are currently working the Caribbean with street evangelism, and have the vision to grow beyond the Caribbean, and reach the nations.

Their heart is to raise up future disciples by experiencing missions on the ground first hand in a short term setting. They partner with U.S. local churches on a personal level, by coming to your church, helping your church establish fund raising, conduct several planning meetings, training, and team building to prepare your church team for an experience with the Lord they will never forget.

Tim and Christina Mathews began their journey on the missions field 4 years ago. They had not planned originally to go on the trip, but one of their church pastors invited them to go, gave them one trip for free, and fronted the cost of the other ticket so they could both go. Their very first mission trip was a miracle in itself, which had become a divine moment in their lives which has forever changed their hearts!

The second year Tim and Christina co-lead the team, and the last 2 years they have lead the team to Trinidad. They have grown a big heart for the people of Trinidad and have developed lifetime relationships with pastors and fellow Christians in Trinidad.

Over the last 4 years they have discovered great evangelistic tactics which have proven very fruitful. Each year in one week of short term missions they are partnering with the Lord to lead over 100 + people to know Him on the streets, prisons, nursing homes, orphanages, homeless shelters, half way houses, and tent revivals. The harvest is ripe in Trinidad.

Since they have seen this success, they now have over 30 local Trinidad pastors wanting to partner with them, and they only have time to partner with 2 churches a trip.  They have realized the demand is far greater than the workers. Tim and Christina are wanting to go full time to lead several churches and groups to Trinidad each year to go from leading 100+ souls a year to 1000+ souls to the Lord each year.  They also want to help plant churches in the communities that have only seen Hindu temples, and Muslim mosques.  They see the need is great and want to commit their lives to serving the Lord in this way.


–  They believe prayer and worship are very important keys to every step they take from training, discipleship, outreach, strategy meetings, and targeted prayers to open doors & hearts for street evangelism.

–  They commit to a combination of prayer, worship, and intercession prayer every morning before they start their day on the missions field, preparing their hearts, and the hearts of others for what the Lord has for them each day.


–  The core of All For One Missions is to join hands with all Christ Followers as one Church to work together to reach the nations with the Gospel.

–  They share the Gospel by going door to door, holding tent revivals, visiting nursing homes, children’s homes, youth prisons, half way houses, homeless shelters, and any doors that God would open to them by praying, loving, and sharing scripture, or gospel literature, to all those who will receive them.


–  Making disciples of all nations requires relationships, and commitment.

–  As they partner with local churches to evangelize the community, they also train the local church to disciple new believers. They believe the local church is God’s chosen instrument to both minister the Gospel and raise up strong disciples in the likeness of Christ.

–  They equip the local churches with discipleship materials to help train and educate new believers.