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A New Era!!!

In 2010, almost eight years ago while we were on the road preaching, the Lord gave me (Rick) an extremely vivid dream. The short version is that I was at the bedside of Billy Graham and somehow knew he was about to die. Ruth, his wife who had already passed at the time of the dream was there holding his hand. In the dream he had an ephod on (priestly garment).

Lean into Him

Somewhere along the way I found out that “faith” is not pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, gritting your teeth and working hard until you accomplish the task. Instead it’s completely surrendering yourself and your will to Jesus Christ. It’s learning to lean into Him and listen to what He’s communicating to you.

Root Bound

Sometimes we are in a place that is secure and wraps around us comfortably.  We are satisfied in that place.  We are growing and blooming and producing fruit.  It seems like nothing will change or that nothing should change.  But then a tiny seed of dissatisfaction pops up.  The place that used to feel so comfortable and right feels a little tight now.  It feels like it’s not quite enough anymore. 

Timothy International is 10 Years Old!

Perspective…10 years!! Have you ever looked at the mountains in the distance? At first it looks like there’s only one lone gigantic mound of rocks and trees. The closer you get the more you realize that there’s a whole bunch more!!! The peaks become too numerous to count. What you thought you were getting into has become an entirely different setting.

The Solution to Fear is not ‘Courage’ but Love!

Have you ever stopped to think how much fear rules your life???  Most of the time we are afraid of things that haven’t even happened yet.  Fear of getting sick, fear of not being in control, fear of not having enough ____.  The Bible tells us about 90 times to “fear not” or “do not be afraid”.

Little by Little

When I think about how God works the phrase “little by little” comes to mind or to put it in the tongue of Africa the phrase means “slowly by slowly”. When God took Israel into the promised land He said that He would only give them victory in the land a little at a time, otherwise problems would arise and crush their victory. They simply could not handle too much at one time.

In His Image

Twice in Genesis 1 The Bible tells us that God made us in His image, and then gave us permission to go out and be “fruitful” & “multiply” in the world He had just created.  The Hebrew word ‘fruitful’ means to produce fruit or in other words ‘reproduce’ meaning to have children the fruit of our love and the fruit of a woman’s womb.  The other word ‘multiply’ means to bring in abundance, to enlarge, be in authority over, excel, expand ect.


It’s been a very wet year in Texas!!! That’s putting it mildly as there has been wide spread flooding in the Lone Star state.  I was at my prayer place near a lake by our house early enough to catch the moon going down over the water.  The water appeared to be moving like a river but I knew better, lakes don’t go anywhere, and that’s when God got my attention.

Are You Listening?

Several times Jesus says “whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says” also “If anyone has ears to hear let them hear” and “My sheep listen to My voice and follow Me”…

News Update

I heard an interesting statement the other day that I want to share with you, think about this…