Timothy International was co-founded by Rick and Janie Burkhalter in early 2006.  They have
been in pastoral ministry for almost 30 years with the last 12 years being with T.I.   As pastors
they recognized the need to encourage,  strengthen and inspire those they worked with in the
mission fields.  Statistics show huge numbers of both pastors and missionaries don’t make it to
retirement age,  they burn out and quit.  Why?  They pour all they have into those they are
committed to minister to,  but seldom get the chance to have someone pour into them.  They need
someone to help them,  someone to “hold up their arms” as they did for Moses in the Exodus
while he prayed over the battle.

Rick and Janie started Timothy International which is modeled after Paul’s ministry in Acts
14-16.  Paul along with Timothy,  Barnabas and others thought it best to return to the churches
they had started to strengthen,  encourage and inspire the leadership to “keep the faith”.  So Rick
and Janie stepped out in faith by leaving their jobs and started a career in missions.  God has
given them faithful partners and prayer warriors who have aligned themselves with the vision to
advance the kingdom of God through missions.  We have seen the vast need and are asking both
missionaries and supporters to join the team at Timothy International to continue to advance His

Although we began small,  with Rick and Janie as the only missionaries,  God has blessed us with
more people and more countries.  What began in Uganda,  Africa continues to grow and has
expanded to different ministries throughout Africa.  We also have several people who work in the
Middle East,  several countries in Europe,  Australia,  USA,  Africa and the Caribbean.