Little by Little

When I think about how God works the phrase “little by little” comes to mind or to put it in the tongue of Africa the phrase means “slowly by slowly”. When God took Israel into the promised land He said that He would only give them victory in the land a little at a time, otherwise problems would arise and crush their victory. They simply could not handle too much at one time.

The farmer/gardener understands the concept. They plant the seed, water it and ‘wait’ on it. After sufficient time the seed yields its produce. God does something in our heart during the waiting period. He uses the time to draw us near to Him. His goal is not so much the harvest as the relationship. Most of the time it’s not the ‘parting of the sea’, rather it’s the ‘little by little’, ‘slowly by slowly’, ‘one day at a time’ … that’s where we find Jesus waiting for us to come to Him with all our “cares”, 1 Peter 5 tells us to “cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.”


Plant your seed (dreams) in fertile soil (hope) and by faith, in time, we will inherit the harvest. Abraham hoped when all hope was gone! What does that mean? It means he never gave up, even when it looked like nothing was happening God was working, testing, developing relationship with Abraham and Sarah. The promise was not slow, they were not being ‘punished’ they were right where God wanted them to be.

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