In His Image

Twice in Genesis 1 The Bible tells us that God made us in His image, and then gave us permission to go out and be “fruitful” & “multiply” in the world He had just created.  The Hebrew word ‘fruitful’ means to produce fruit or in other words ‘reproduce’ meaning to have children the fruit of our love and the fruit of a woman’s womb.  The other word ‘multiply’ means to bring in abundance, to enlarge, be in authority over, excel, expand ect.

In short, we are made in His image to build or expand the kingdom He has entrusted to us.  We do that first by being in relationship with each other… husband and wife, children, extended family and then friends of all kinds.  (God’s definition of marriage is and always will be one man to one woman.. and the supreme court of the USA is not God,… someone should remind them of that)

Made in His image means we have the power and authority to create or build.  We can build His Kingdom or ours.  He spoke the world into being and our words, too, have unimaginable power to build and plant or to tear down and destroy.  Each day I speak the word of God over my world (family, ministry, country etc.).  I have watched this kind of prayer and use of authority literally change my world!  I continue to advance the kingdom of God by being in relationship with Him and through obedience to Him, which includes speaking things into being.

I want to end by speaking this blessing over all who read this… “I bless you with that degree of the favor of the Lord upon your life, so that it will be evident that you have an intimate relationship with God and that God is with you.  I bless you with people recognizing the favor of God upon your life without being jealous of His blessings on you.” (Blessing Your Spirit) pg.12,

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