It’s been a very wet year in Texas!!! That’s putting it mildly as there has been wide spread flooding in the Lone Star state.  I was at my prayer place near a lake by our house early enough to catch the moon going down over the water.  The water appeared to be moving like a river but I knew better, lakes don’t go anywhere, and that’s when God got my attention.

When we want to witness to a person about Jesus and we don’t know where that person stands, usually we ask, “Are you a believer?”… Today the Lord had me look at it in a different way.  The question should be “Are you a “follower” of Jesus Christ?”

A believer is one who acknowledges that Jesus is, the Bible even says the demons “believe” but what good does that do them?  Believers are sometimes like a lake.  When the wind blows it “appears” like the water is moving, going somewhere like a river.  But the reality is that it’s going nowhere!  The ripples simply make it ‘appear’ to be moving.

There have been times in my life when I simply appeared to be doing something, I was busy.  I believed but I wasn’t following… I wasn’t in the flow of Holy Spirit’s presence through me to allow Him to change the landscape of my sphere of influence.  I had become like the lake, going nowhere but appearing to be on the move.

How do you know if you’re a “believer” or a “follower”?  A follower is a believer who does something or changes things and moves forward.  Think about it like this; the water in a lake changes nothing; however, the same water when released from the dam becomes a powerful rushing river… and rivers change the landscape!!!



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