Are You Listening?

Several times Jesus says “whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says” also “If anyone has ears to hear let them hear” and “My sheep listen to My voice and follow Me”…

When I “listen”, it implies I’m not sure of what I’m hearing… but when I “hear”, it implies that I know what is being said…

It’s imperative that we know what God has said, but it’s just as important to know what He IS saying now! A hearing ear leads to wisdom, and wisdom knows what God is saying NOW! If you’ve ever had a relationship, any relationship… you know that it takes communication, which implies we “listen” as well as speak. How much time do we spend “listening” to God as compared to “speaking”? Sometimes we are guilty of ‘bossing’ God around by laying out our “to-do list” and calling it prayer. We can do better. He wants to develop ‘relationship’ with us, not just do what we want Him to do for us under the pretense of prayer… I think it’s important to remember that God created us with two ears and one tongue. Doesn’t that imply that we should listen twice as much as we speak??? That also goes for our relationship with God, are you listening/hearing?

“My sheep listen to My voice and follow Me”… John 10:27

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