Transition Continues

Have you ever noticed how God gives the invitation to “follow” Him but then ony gives the general direction and not the entire map with directions fully explained and highlighted? We all want to be Like Abraham but with more details. As we move forward in our journey we must, as a people of faith, be willing to change (not something most of us enjoy).

Here at Timothy International we continue to see things change and transition. We have recently added more missionaries to our team and we are excited to have them in our “family of ministries”. One of the things we must do is continue to transition to a larger organization as we allow God to lead us farther into our assignment (dream). I’m not necessarily comfortable with “bigger” but I do understand that God is leading us to do more. More travel, more meetings, more staff, more finances, more ‘stuff’ to do in general… all this looked at first to be a bit daunting to me until I understood that ‘more’ also translates into ‘advancing’. We’re all about ‘advancing the kingdom’.

When I stopped long enough to ask God’s view of this I suddenly realized that He’s the One who gave us the vision and He is the same One who will give us the provision! Taking the time to “reset” my heart by spending some time away with Jesus helped me re-think the issue. Yes there will be more “stuff” like I mentioned above but if we keep our priorities straight then it all falls into place without the burnout and fatigue we sometimes experience. Oswalt Chambers says it best so I’ll close with this.

“It’s hard to keep Jesus at the front (where He belongs). It means holding one’s self to the highest standards year in and year out, not being ambitions to win souls or to establish churches or to have revivals, but being ambitious only to “know” Him.”

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